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Máy đọc Zebex Z-8072

Máy đọc Zebex Z-8072

The Z-8072 Hands-Free Presentation Imager provides top performance and reliability with great features. The powerful 2D Imager and the compact size allow users to aim intuitively with accuracy even if space is limited. Furthermore, it excels at reading barcodes on smart phone screens and barcodes that are poorly printed. It is the perfect solution for space-constrained environments.

• High speed and reliable performance on all common 1D and 2D codes 
• Captures barcodes on mobile phone, tablet, or computer screens 
• Exceptional motion tolerance and full directional code reading for added convenience
• Compact size can be held in the hand or placed in a constrained space


Công ty TNHH Tekmart Việt Nam hân hạnh là nhà phân phối độc quyền các loại máy đọc mã vạch Zebex tại Việt Nam.




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