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Máy đọc Zebex Z-2242

Máy đọc Zebex Z-2242

Loaded with features you need, the Z-2242 can help your business work more efficiently, become more productive, and stay ahead of the competition. It’s an enterprise grade device that offers special features such as Programmable keys, 4G/LTE Dual SIM slots, Dual Band WIFI(2.4G/5G), Accurate GPS positioning capability(GPS+GLONASS ), 1D/2D barcode decoding, NFC (Read / Write), and more.
Built with rugged, ergonomic IP65 and 1.5M drop protection, Z-2242 has a highly reliable exterior that can survive extremes of temperature and shock and vibration. It is the ideal Android device for any professional use.

• Rugged Type Enterprise Product. 
• Embedded 1D/2D Image Barcode Scanner. 
• Ergonomic IP65 Protection With palm Operation. 
• Support High Performance Radio Communication. 
• Provide Enterprise Level Charging Method.
• Support SOTI MobiControl system.

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